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University of Malta

The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution in Malta. It is publicly funded and is open to all those who have the requisite qualifications. There are some 10,000 students including over 750 foreign/exchange students from nearly 60 different countries, following full-time or parttime degree and diploma courses, many of them run on the modular or credit system. The University is geared towards the infrastructural and industrial needs of the country so as to provide expertise in crucial fields. Almost 2,500 students graduate in various disciplines annually. The degree courses at the University are designed to produce highly qualified professionals, with experience of research, who will play key roles in industry, commerce and public affairs in general. There are a further 3,000 pre-tertiary students at the Junior College which is also managed by the University.
The University today has eleven faculties: Arts; Built Environment; Dental Surgery; Economics, Management & Accountancy; Education; Engineering; Health Sciences; Information & Communication Technology; Laws; Medicine & Surgery; Science and Theology. A number of interdisciplinary Institutes and Centres have been set up in various fields. The Institutes include Anglo-Italian Studies; Baroque Studies; Confucius; Criminology; Earth Systems; Islands & Small States; Linguistics; Maltese Studies; Public Administration & Management; Physical Education & Sport; Sustainable Development; Sustainable Energy; Tourism, Travel & Culture; the Edward de Bono Institute for the Design & Development of Thinking.

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