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Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs

In a small island, where the sustainable management of our resources is crucial, where rural areas enhance the characteristic beauty of the Maltese landscape, where the sea is an intrinsic part of life, the integrated coordination of agricultural and fisheries production, resources management, and the respect towards the environment are a tremendous responsibility. This is even more so in the context of European Union and other international obligations. This Ministry is an important stakeholder in guaranteeing a better quality of life for today's and future generations.
The Ministry will take measures and provide incentives to achieve its mission through:

  • Directing income support for Malta's food producers.
  • Developing food export marketing opportunities.
  • Recognizing and supporting producers' organisation.
  • Safeguarding excellence in food quality standards.
  • Providing extension services and specialised technical advice.
  • Encouraging Rural and marketing infrastructural development.
  • Promoting Continuous dialogue with food producers.
  • Supporting and encouraging agro-industrial enterprises.
  • Promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of food production so that producers fulfil effectively their role as stewards of the rural environment.
  • Controlling land use to ensure minimal negative environmental impact without impeding economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development.
  • Promoting and realising projects aimed at conserving, enriching and upgrading the Maltese landscape.
  • Protecting and safeguarding the conservation of Malta's natural heritage.
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