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Istituto Regionale Vini e Oli di Sicilia (IRVOS)

The Regional Institute Wines and Olive Oils of Sicily is a research center of the Sicilian Region, involved since 1950 in viticulture and oenology in order to increase them. The center has a lot of resources and technical instrument and also agronomic, chemical, microbiological, and oenological skills. The organization includes a technical area, with different unit (Viti-enology, Biotechnology, Laboratories and offices in Marsala and Alcamo (TP), Noto (SR) and Milazzo (ME)). Other units are involved in certification and promotion of the wines, trade fairs, wine tourism and wine observatory. The area produces experimental fields, aimed to the optimization of the vineyard planting, oenological test for high quality wines. It also provides assistance to producers through its laboratories. The center is responsible for the collection of laws and of statistical data about production and for the wine promotion both in national and international markets. By last november the center has expanded its sphere of competence also including the following activities: development and promotion of extra virgin olive oil produced and packaged in Sicily, enhancement and promotion of table olives produced and packed in Sicily; certification , research and innovation in the olive-oil industry

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