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Csei Catania

The CSEI Catania (Centro Studi di Economia Applicata all’Ingegneria di Catania) is a no-profit organization founded in 1975 with the support of University of Catania and many other national and local agencies. Since its foundation, CSEI Catania has carried out research, education and technical assistance on management and conservation of environmental resources (mainly water resources) and its main aim was to transfer the results of research activities to personnel of regional and national agencies of Southern Italy involved on the management of the environmental resources. CSEI Catania has carried out research in the field of agricultural and forest hydraulics covering mainly agricultural reuse of urban wastewater, on farm and collective irrigation, the hydrology of small mountainous catchments and mountain stream restoration. In the last few years, CSEI Catania has cultivated an ever-increasing interest in urban wastewater reuse problems with particular reference to storage and irrigation modalities to minimize the health risks. Through field and laboratory work carried out within national programmes, CSEI Catania staff has developed specific competence in the field of urban wastewater reuse and established link with many international institutions.

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