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City of Lampedusa e Linosa

The islands of Lampedusa and Linosa, archipelago of the Pelagie Islands, are administered by the City of Lampedusa and Linosa. From the last census, the islands are inhabited by 5,725 residents. The municipal structure has a headquarters in the island of Lampedusa and another one in the island of Linosa. Since 2003, the City of Lampedusa and Linosa manages the Marine Protected Area "Pelagie" and through it, it was external partner over the last 5 years to three community projects: Monitamal "Development of a monitoring system environmental quality: evaluation of contamination levels in various marine matrices (water sediments and biota) and the risks to coastal marine biodiversity; "Reduction of human activity on Caretta Caretta and Tursiops truncatus and their conservation in Sicily"; "Urgent measures for the conservation of Caretta caretta in the Pelagie Islands".
It was the direct beneficiary of the project "Head of Pelagian Islands Marine Protected Area" as well as the Project for "Development of a social center of cultural aggregation".
It has also actively participated to the "Strategic Plan for Sustainable Pelagic islands" promoted by the Department for Development and Cohesion Policies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in collaboration with the Region of Sicily, to address the impact of tourism development.

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