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Promed: The dissemination activities will move to Pantelleria

The dissemination activities of the Promed project continue at full speed. After the meeting in Linosa, now is the time of Pantelleria, where Sunday, September the 2nd, the technicians involved in the research and testing will arrive to meet producers, inhabitants of the island and tourists. The meeting, organized by the Municipality of Pantelleria, aims to engage a diverse public in order to give maximum visibility to the project activities, to the wines of the Mediterranean islands (Pantelleria, Linosa Malta and Gozo), to the potential of viticulture in terms of land conservation and enhancement of the economy.

The seminar will take place at 18.30 at the conference hall of "Approdo Mediterraneo" Hotel. Its programme includes the presentation of the results obtained during the first year of testing and a wine tasting. In fact, a selection of experimental wines produced with grapes grown in Pantelleria, Linosa and Malta will be offered for tasting in conjunction with some typical dishes of Pantelleria.
The appointment of Pantelleria, also represents a source of confrontation between the research institutions involved in the project and the producers of the island. Pantelleria can definitely serve as a model for the development of viticulture in the Mediterranean. It is from this beautiful island that Irvo wants to start to define future paths of research and development through the creation of partnerships between researchers and producers.
For this purpose, Irvo strongly wished  that the workshop was preceded by an informative panel discussion, scheduled at 17.00, which could be a time of more direct comparison with the producers.

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Speech of prof. Simona Consoli (Csei Catania)

Speech of winemaker Giuseppe Genna (Irvo)

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