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Vinitaly 2013: wines Promed back on stage in Verona

MARSALA (April, 4th 2013) - For the second year, the project Promed moves to Verona to disseminate the results of a research which involved four Italian partners (Irvo, CSEI Catania and the city of “Pantelleria” and “Lampedusa and Linosa”) and 3 Maltese partners (Ministry of Resources and Rural Affairs, University, VitiMalta).

From Sunday to Tuesday, in the Hall 2 “Sicily” (stand no. 149), it will be possibile to taste 16 experimental wines selected by the wine makers of the Regional Wine and Oil Institute (lead partner of the project). The selecetd wines are: 5 white wines produced during the last harvest - Vermentino Malta 2012, Girgentina Siggewi 2012, Chardonnay Gozo 2012, Girgentina Mgarr New 2012, Girgentina Mgarr Old 2012- 7 red wines produced in 2011 and 2012 - Gellewza Burmarrad 2012, Syrah 2012 South Malta, Gozo Native 2012, Blend 80% Gellewza Old Mgarr - 20% Gellewza Burmarrad 2011, Merlot Gozo 2011, Syrah Malta Low Vigor 2011, Gellewza Mgarr new - and 4 liqueur wines - Zibibbo Linosa 2012 in two versions dry and sweet, and Zibibbo Pantelleria 2011 in the two tests 60% and 70%.

 «The wines that will be presented at Vinitaly - explained Lucio Monte, Project Coordinator - are definitely a very interesting card for the project, which allows it to communicate to a wide audience the results of intensive research done not only in our experimental winery in Marsala but especially in the field thanks to the collaboration of all partners. We are very proud to have been able, for example, to obtain for the first time the ampelographic characterization and the polyphenolic profile of two Maltese native cultivars: Girgentina and Gellewza. This is certainly a basis for further studies, but it can be a valuable instrument for obtaining higher quality wines, which could enhance its characteristics».

The activities carried out on the front viticulture and wine-making were certainly very challenging and the numbers prove it. Thirty-eight experimental wines produced within the project, over 6000 chemical analysis, 1000 microbiological analysis, more than 500 tasting and sensory analysis and more than 300 analytes identified.

But that's not all. «The project Promed - continues Monte - has a strong environmental connotation and all the partners hve been involved in the definition of tools that could be of support to operators».

This is the case of the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the islands of Malta, Pantelleria and Linosa developed by CSEI Catania, Irvo and University of Malta. As the researcher of Catania explain «GIS is a tool very useful which has many potential including the production of thematic maps for easy readability and interpretation, as well as interfacing with software to encourage its use by interested users. The analysis and interpretation of thematic maps implemented on the morphology, climatology, the remote sensing images and water erosion allowed to highlight the areas at highest risk of erosion in the two islands, and to assess the status of vineyards currently present. The information contained in the GIS, could be used not only for storage of spatial information, but also to support a planning based on objective technical-scientific criteria».

Furthermore, it will soon be available for producers a manual entitled "Winegrowing and winemaking in minor islands of the Mediterranean. Guidelines for Sustainable Vineyard Management", in which were included the results of the researchs made within the project. The aim of this manual is to provide some useful information for the realization of new vineyards and for the management of existing ones in accordance with principles of environmental and economic sustainability.

To learn more and to taste the wines experimental you can meet the technical dell'Irvo at Vinitaly - Hall 2 Stand 149

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