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Promed looks to the future and calls Europe

(MARSALA 5th July 2013) Only a few days to the end of the project, but Promed is already looking to the future trying to find new path for research. With this aim, the Regional Institute of Wine and Oil, leader partner of the project, in collaboration with the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Italia-Malta 2007/2013, organized an official visit which was attended by two representatives of the European Commission, Maria Filomena Carvalho and Manuela Passos.


The program includes a workshop (see photos) in order to give evidence of the results achieved on the islands of Linosa, Pantelleria, Malta and Gozo, and also to identify items of interest for a possible continuation of the project.

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Interview with Honourable Roderick Galdes

Roderick GaldesInterview with Honourable Roderick Galdes
Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal
Rights a Malta

Mr. Galdes, one of the most tangible results of the Promed
is the renovation of the
experimental winery in Buskett. What role will this center have in the future for Maltese viticulture and how will the Ministry manage it?
The Buskett research station will serve as the location where local vintners can carry out research trials on the production of innovative wine products and the oenological potential of new vine varieties on a small scale, which they are unable to do because they do not have the experimental facilities required. This will enable them to remain competitive by being able to respond to changing market trends. It will also serve as a place where vine growers can obtain technical information regarding the suitability to indigenous and non-indigenous vine varieties to our pedoclimatic conditions and also obtain help regarding correct vineyard management practices, rationalisation of water resources in the vineyard and also correct phytosanitary vineyard management. Chemical and microbiological analysis shall also be carried out to monitor the quality of local DOK/IGT and table wines. The Buskett research station will be managed by a committee set up by the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change and research trials shall be carried out by a team of qualified technicians appointed by the Ministry.

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Promed goes to Malta for end-of-project event



Program of the conference:

Greetings from the Maltese Authorities

Daniele Oliva (irvo) - "Grapes and wine enhancement in the smaller islands of the Mediterranean"

Feliciana Licciardello (Csei Catania) - "Geographical Information Systems: a tool for the environmental protection of Mediterranean islands"

Everaldo Attard (University of Malta) - "The effects of environmental factors on the grapevines cultivated in Malta"

Claudette Gambin (MRRA Malta) - "The experimental cellar at Buskett"

At the end of the seminar a selection of "Promed" experimental wines will be offered for tasting

The Promed project at the 36th World Congress of Vine and Wine

"Ampelographic characterization of the Girgentina and Gellewza
grapes cultivar grown in Malta island". This is the title of the poster presented today in Romania on the occasion of
36th World Congress of Vine and Wine organized by the OIV.
After the experience of 2012 in Turkey (for more information please go to the workshop section), this year the team of researchers from Regional Wine and Oil Institute (Irvo) has received a positive
evaluation from the Scientific Committee of the OIV and headed to Bucharest, aiming to lead the results of the Promed project to international prominence.
The OIV Congress represents a very important opportunity for the project. In fact it will be the right place for scientists and experts from all over the world to share knowledge and experiences in the different fields of this Congress: Viticulture, Oenology, Economy and Law, and Safety and Health.
The poster presented at the Congress summarizes the research carried out on the two native grape varieties of Malta: Girgentina and Gellewza. For the first time, producers will have access to the ampelographic characterization of these grapes

Vinitaly 2013: wines Promed back on stage in Verona

MARSALA (April, 4th 2013) - For the second year, the project Promed moves to Verona to disseminate the results of a research which involved four Italian partners (Irvo, CSEI Catania and the city of “Pantelleria” and “Lampedusa and Linosa”) and 3 Maltese partners (Ministry of Resources and Rural Affairs, University, VitiMalta).

From Sunday to Tuesday, in the Hall 2 “Sicily” (stand no. 149), it will be possibile to taste 16 experimental wines selected by the wine makers of the Regional Wine and Oil Institute (lead partner of the project). The selecetd wines are: 5 white wines produced during the last harvest - Vermentino Malta 2012, Girgentina Siggewi 2012, Chardonnay Gozo 2012, Girgentina Mgarr New 2012, Girgentina Mgarr Old 2012- 7 red wines produced in 2011 and 2012 - Gellewza Burmarrad 2012, Syrah 2012 South Malta, Gozo Native 2012, Blend 80% Gellewza Old Mgarr - 20% Gellewza Burmarrad 2011, Merlot Gozo 2011, Syrah Malta Low Vigor 2011, Gellewza Mgarr new - and 4 liqueur wines - Zibibbo Linosa 2012 in two versions dry and sweet, and Zibibbo Pantelleria 2011 in the two tests 60% and 70%.

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