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36th World Congress of Vine and Wine

Viticulture experts, researchers and technicians from all around the world are now in Bucharest, Romania, on the occasion of the 36th World Congress of Vine and Wine organized by OIV.
The conference was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of the Director General of the OIV, Federico Castellucci, and of the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Daniel Constantin.
In the beautiful location of the Palace of the Parliament until June 7 they will discuss about vine, models of viticulture and winemaking techniques.
From Georgia to Spain, from Moldova to Turkey, they will share the agronomic and scientific research conducted in various fields to investigate the origin and varietal identity, the best systems to fight diseases that attack the lives, the protection of the ecosystem. They will also discuss about the new scenarios that affect the quality of wine and winemaking and aboutthe markets and the consumer, with surveys of trends, perceptions and appreciation of wine.
Sicily in represented at the Congress by the Regional Wine and Oil Institute (irvo), which received a positive opinion for 10 posters and two communications.
One of the posters is dedicated to the
ProMed project and in particular to the activities carried out in the two years of research to obtain the ampelographic characterization of two maltese grape varieties Girgentina and Gellewza - according to the official OIV methodology.

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World Water Day

As part of the celebrations for World Water Day 2013, held in Ragusa on 22 March, CSEI Catania, in collaboration with the Regional Department of Agriculture and Food, ARPA Sicily, the Department of Environmental Management Systems, and University of Catania, has an informative seminar entitled "The Value of Water" to raise public awareness, in particular young people, on the theme of water conservation and cooperation internationally in the field of water management.
During the workshop the project
Promed was presented, as another example of a research project eligible for funding under the Operational Programme Italy-Malta 2007-2013. In particular, two posters were displayed: the first in the Geographic Information System developed by CSEI Catania and the second on the sustainable management of the vineyard.

Download the poster about GIS

Download the poster about "sustainable management of the vineyard"

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Study day in Marsala

The dissemination of results carried out within the ProMed project  continues in Marsala with a speech by Pieramaria Giaramida during the study day to be held on 12 March.
The meeting is organized by Irvo in cooperation with the University of Palermo and aims to inform students about various research activities currently carried out by public entities operating in the Sicilian wine sector.

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Study days in Catania

The dissemination of the project results continues to Catania, where from 4th to 6th March were held a training course on "Production and processing of biomass for energy purposes from water purification system" and a seminar on "The water purification system for the treatment and the production of biomass for energy purposes ".

These activities were organized by CSEI Catania in collaboration with DAFNAE (University of Padova) and ENEA within the FITOPROBIO project (Phytoremediation production of cellulosic biomass for the production of second-generation ethanol) .

During the seminar CSEI Catania presented some of the activities carried out under the project Promed particularly with regard to the implementation of a GIS for the islands of Linosa and Pantelleria and tests of techniques for the sustainable management of the vineyard in the smaller islands of the Mediterranean

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Study day in Trevi

The selection of yeasts on the island of Linosa and the project Promed. This is one of the issues raised by Dr. Daniele Oliva (Irvo) during the study day entitled "The strategic role of biobanks as a biodiversity reserve" held in Trevi (Pg) on December the  7th last year.
The seminar was organized by Fondazione Villa Fabri, under the aegis of the Ministry for Agri-Food and Forestry, Umbria region and University of Perugia, and with the important contribution of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development of Umbria.
During the meeting, the speakers discussed some important aspects related to the role of biobanks for the conservation of microbial biodiversity  at a local, national and European level. They also have shown some examples from experiences made from Universities and national research centers  in food chain.

For more details on the topics covered during the day you can visit the Foundation's website

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