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36th World Congress of Vine and Wine

Viticulture experts, researchers and technicians from all around the world are now in Bucharest, Romania, on the occasion of the 36th World Congress of Vine and Wine organized by OIV.
The conference was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of the Director General of the OIV, Federico Castellucci, and of the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Daniel Constantin.
In the beautiful location of the Palace of the Parliament until June 7 they will discuss about vine, models of viticulture and winemaking techniques.
From Georgia to Spain, from Moldova to Turkey, they will share the agronomic and scientific research conducted in various fields to investigate the origin and varietal identity, the best systems to fight diseases that attack the lives, the protection of the ecosystem. They will also discuss about the new scenarios that affect the quality of wine and winemaking and aboutthe markets and the consumer, with surveys of trends, perceptions and appreciation of wine.
Sicily in represented at the Congress by the Regional Wine and Oil Institute (irvo), which received a positive opinion for 10 posters and two communications.
One of the posters is dedicated to the
ProMed project and in particular to the activities carried out in the two years of research to obtain the ampelographic characterization of two maltese grape varieties Girgentina and Gellewza - according to the official OIV methodology.

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