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Study days in Catania

The dissemination of the project results continues to Catania, where from 4th to 6th March were held a training course on "Production and processing of biomass for energy purposes from water purification system" and a seminar on "The water purification system for the treatment and the production of biomass for energy purposes ".

These activities were organized by CSEI Catania in collaboration with DAFNAE (University of Padova) and ENEA within the FITOPROBIO project (Phytoremediation production of cellulosic biomass for the production of second-generation ethanol) .

During the seminar CSEI Catania presented some of the activities carried out under the project Promed particularly with regard to the implementation of a GIS for the islands of Linosa and Pantelleria and tests of techniques for the sustainable management of the vineyard in the smaller islands of the Mediterranean

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