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Study day in Trevi

The selection of yeasts on the island of Linosa and the project Promed. This is one of the issues raised by Dr. Daniele Oliva (Irvo) during the study day entitled "The strategic role of biobanks as a biodiversity reserve" held in Trevi (Pg) on December the  7th last year.
The seminar was organized by Fondazione Villa Fabri, under the aegis of the Ministry for Agri-Food and Forestry, Umbria region and University of Perugia, and with the important contribution of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development of Umbria.
During the meeting, the speakers discussed some important aspects related to the role of biobanks for the conservation of microbial biodiversity  at a local, national and European level. They also have shown some examples from experiences made from Universities and national research centers  in food chain.

For more details on the topics covered during the day you can visit the Foundation's website

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