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The first seminar of the project will take place in Linosa

The "Zibibbo of Linosa" will be the star in the first seminar organized under the Promed project. During the meeting, which will take place tomorrow in the square of Linosa researchers will describe the agronomic and oenological results achieved during the first year of experimentation in all the territories involved and especially on the island of Linosa.

The CSEI Catania will present the work in terms of research on agronomic techniques to improve the production and sustainability of the wine of the smaller islands of the Mediterranean and will present preliminary results on the implementation of geographic information systems (GIS) for the islands of Linosa and Pantelleria.
The Irvo and the University of Malta will illustrate the agronomic aspects in the management of systems trees with particular reference to areas under vines in the islands of Linosa, Pantelleria, Malta and Gozo.
The seminar will conclude with the presentation of some of the experimental wines produced during the first harvest, which will be offered for tasting. Among these, two wines obtaine from Zibibbo grapes grown in experimental vineyard in Linosa "Chaplain", a dry wine and a dessert wine.

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