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European Cooperation Day: Promed on stage at the Cous Cous Fest

The project Promed took part in the European Cooperation Day 2012, an iniziative promoted by the European Commission and organized by the INTERACT programme. The event will be celebrated in all European countries involved in territorial cooperation programmes. Its aim is to disseminate the European Territorial Cooperation programme’s outcomes, highlighting the added value of the European Union contribution to the development of the involved territories and the welfare of their inhabitants.
The Operational Programme Italia Malta 2007-2013 embraces the purposes of the International Festival of Cultural Integration “Cous Cous Fest“, that’s a link between the Mediterranean culture and the Sicilian and Maltese common traditions.
On that occasion the Regional Istitute for wine and oil, will offer for tasting some of the wines produced at the experimental cellar in Marsala. The technicians will be available to the public to illustrate the activity and provide details on the first results achieved.

For more details on the program go to the web site of the Programme

For more details on the European Cooperation Day go to website

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