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Promed celebrates Imnarja

VitiMalta organized a meeting during Imnarja, one of the most popular festivals of Malta which was held on 28 and 29 June this year.
The origins of this festival dates back to the period of the Knights of Malta. Today it becomes an opportunity to rediscover various old Maltese customs and traditions and to learn about some typical productions presented during a real show from Maltese producers.
As usual, this year this festival was held in Buskett, close to the ProMed experimental winery. Given the large number of visitors and the attention given by the press to this party it was thought that it could be the perfect opportunity to bring a large number of visitors in the experimental winery.
The activities organized by VitiMalta provided the visit to the experimental winery and also a tasting of some wines produced during the two years of research.

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End-of-project event

The end-of-project event of ProMed took place last monday (10th June) in the presence of a large number of Maltese producers and of Maltese an Italian journalists.
The opening speech was made by dr. Mario Spiteri, the new Director General of the
Rural Development and Aquaculture Department in Malta.

During the meeting (download the programme), moderated by Roger Aquilina, project partners have presented a summary of the work done by focusing on the main results of the project:

The work carried out by the Regional Institute of Wine and Oil of Sicily - Daniele Oliva (IRVO)

Geographical Information Systems - Feliciana Licciardello (CSEI Catania)

The effect of environmental factorson the grapevines cultivated in Malta - Everaldo Attard (University of Malta)

Set up of a National Research Station - Claudette Gambin (MSDECC)

The work carried out by Maltese producers - Gerald Vella (VitiMalta)

The seminar was followed by a tasting of some experimental wines

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From left: Carmen Garcia Sanchez (University of Malta), Daniele Oliva and Valentina Madonia (IRVO), Claudette Gambin (MRRA), Feliciana Licciardello (CSEI Catania), Roger Aquilina (MRRA), Gerald Vella (VitiMalta), Everaldo Attard and Lorraine Caruana (University of Malta).

Meeting in Buskett

The MRRA and VITIMALTA organized a meetin on March 2th at the experimental winery in Buskett. Despite the renovations and installation of equipment have not yet been completed, it was considered important to involve the people of Malta and the press to promote the research station for the role it may have for Maltese viticulture even after the end of the project.

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Great success for wine Promed during the meeting of the CIHEAM

The "Promed" wines promed involved in a tasting in Malta at the IX edition of the Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of the Member States of the CIHEAM (Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies).
The meeting, which was held in Valletta on 26th and 27th September, saw the participation of 13 countries of the Mediterranean: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Albania, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia , Egypt and Lebanon. The summit was also attended by European Commissioners Dacian Ciolos (Agriculture), and John Dalli (Health and Consumer Policy) and the chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, Paolo De Castro. 
The central themes of the meeting were food security and price volatility of agricultural commodities. The countries that have participated in the summit supported the need to have strategies and policies for agricultural and rural development, with the aim of ensuring food security for its citizens. Member of the CIHEAM have decided to strengthen the policies of cooperation and collaboration, sharing information and analysis that can lead to mutual growth. Have been established, also shared initiatives to ensure a fruitful exchange of knowledge in the agricultural and rural sector among the countries of the Mediterranean.
But the meeting was an important opportunity to present the project Promed through the tasting of experimental wines produced during 2011, combined with a selection of cheeses presented by CoRFiLaC, a research institution Sicilian leader of a separate project financed in the Italy-Malta 2007/2013.

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European Cooperation Day: Promed on stage at the Cous Cous Fest

The project Promed took part in the European Cooperation Day 2012, an iniziative promoted by the European Commission and organized by the INTERACT programme. The event will be celebrated in all European countries involved in territorial cooperation programmes. Its aim is to disseminate the European Territorial Cooperation programme’s outcomes, highlighting the added value of the European Union contribution to the development of the involved territories and the welfare of their inhabitants.
The Operational Programme Italia Malta 2007-2013 embraces the purposes of the International Festival of Cultural Integration “Cous Cous Fest“, that’s a link between the Mediterranean culture and the Sicilian and Maltese common traditions.
On that occasion the Regional Istitute for wine and oil, will offer for tasting some of the wines produced at the experimental cellar in Marsala. The technicians will be available to the public to illustrate the activity and provide details on the first results achieved.

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