Progetto Italia Malta
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The general objectives of the project are fighting the erosion on the islands of Gozo, Malta, Pantelleria and Linosa and developing and increasing the sources of eco-friendly income alternative to seaside tourism. The specific objectives are reversing the country abandonment, increasing green cover during drought, safeguarding the system of dry-stone walls, rationalization of water resources, acquisition of high-income products, development of tourist routes, maintenance of results after the conclusion of the project. The planned activities, besides the management and coordination and communication, are the study of territories by identifying risk areas, the optimization of the vineyard planting, the enhancement of its products to make the system profitable and therefore able to maintain itself over time, the creation of an experimental station for the continuation of activities related to Malta. The results will be the territories organization in risk areas where local authorities will promote the planting of the vineyard, the correct use of the different varieties in accordance with the local characteristics, the definition of winemaking procedures able to guarantee the profitability of the system, the settlement of a Maltese experimental station able to pursue applied research and experimentation beyond the end of the project, the promotion of new tourist routes.

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